Wolf Creek Golf Club - Mesquite, NV

Wolf Creek definitely receives outstandingly high marks in the "fun factor" category.  With dramatic elevation changes and striking views on just about every hole, Wolf Creek is an absolute visual assault on the senses.  Criticized by some as too dramatic and ridiculous, the course can be very polarizing.  I found myself on the positive side of that pole.  

I was originally motivated by the Tiger Woods video game and I made the course a must play on a 2014 Las Vegas trip.  Wolf Creek is only about an hour drive from the Las Vegas strip and it wasn't too hard to convince my buddies.  They would thank me afterwards.

With so many great views and contrasting colors, the course is an absolute treat to photograph.  Every single hole was full of character and a ton of fun to play.  In addition to getting some great shots, I also roped in 4 birdies on my way to a very satisfying 75.  If you are ever in Vegas and looking to play golf, I would absolutely recommend playing Wolf Creek at least once.

Update:  In February of 2016 I would return to Wolf Creek for more birdies and more photographs.  Instagram sensation, Ashmaeb joined me on this trip and we had a total blast.  In total, I would take 250 photographs and wrestle in another 4 birdies.