Geneva National - Palmer - Lake Geneva, WI

The Palmer winds it way through the forests of Geneva National and concludes with three spectacular finishing holes on the edge of Lake Como.  Palmer has called the 17th hole one of his all time favorites and puts it at #11 on his "Dream 18"  Keeping in line with my take on the Player and Trevino courses, here is the quick list on Mr Palmer

Things about Arnold Palmer

  • Fact: Arnold Palmer is the coolest golfer to ever play the game.
  • His career spanned over 6 decades and he has 62 PGA Tour victories.
  • Palmer has won 7 majors and is a 4 time Masters champion.
  • Nickname: "The King"
  • Palmer: "What other people find in poetry, I find in the flight of a good drive."
  • Palmer is widely credited for changing the perception of golf as a game for the elites to one that could also be enjoyed by the middle class and working families.  No one has done more to popularize the game.
  • His participation in The Open in the early 1960's "was the catalyst to truly internationalize golf," according to European Tour chief executive Keith Pelley.
  • Palmer has his name associated with more than 300 courses.  My favorite: Tralee Golf Links
  • He was the first golfer to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom
  • I will forever be a member Arnie's Army
  • This list comes nowhere close to explaining the life and impact that Arnold Palmer has had on the game of golf.