Geneva National - Trevino - Lake Geneva, WI

Compared to the other 2 courses at Geneva National, the Trevino course has a stronger forest vibe than the Palmer and Player options. The course has a bias to Mr Trevino's natural fade, so I felt right at home with my left to right trajectory.  This was the first Lee Trevino course that I had played, so I decided to do some research into the man. 

Things about Lee Trevino:

  • He is the greatest Mexican golfer to every play the game.  
  • Nicknames include The "Merry Mex" and "SuperMex"
  • He has won 6 majors, but never The Masters
  • Tony Jacklin: "Lee, I don't want to talk today." Trevino: "I don't want you to talk. I just want you to listen."
  • Trevino: "I played the tour in 1967 and told jokes and nobody laughed. Then I won the Open the next year, told the same jokes, and everybody laughed like hell."
  • Lee Trevino was struck by lightning in 1975.  He would later explain that he should have been pointing his 1 iron at the sky because "Not even god can hit the 1 iron."