Sentry World - Stevens Point, WI

in 1982, Sentry World blazed the trail for Wisconsin as the state's first destination golf course.  The course was founded and operated by Sentry Insurance and designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr.  Sentry World would gain notoriety because of it's 16th "Flower Hole."  The majority of my photos above are actually from the 16th hole.  In 2013, RTJ Jr would return to Sentry World with Bruce Charlton and Jay Blasi to complete a major renovation.  The end result was a golf course that not only boasts one notable hole, but 17 others that compliment it well. 

Flower Facts:

  • As part of the 2013 renovation, the number of flowers on the 16th hole was boosted to over 35,000.
  • The flowers are perennials, which means that they must be replanted every season.
  • It takes a crew of 10-15 workers 2 weeks to finish the work every spring.
  • Each year a different pattern and arrangement of flowers is used.
  • The flowers are played as "Ground Under Repair" and any golf ball hit into the flowers is allowed a free drop.