Philadelphia Cricket Club - Philadelphia, PA

Founded in 1854, the Philadelphia Cricket Club is the oldest country club in the United States.  As the name suggests, the original focus was the playing of cricket.  Other games such as lawn tennis, squash, and golf were added later.  It was AW Tillinghast that would design the current layout for the Wissahickon course, which opened in 1922.  The club operates 2 other courses as well, Militia Hill and the 9 hole St Martin's course.

Fun fact:  An abandoned section of the Reading Railroad runs along the 2nd and 6th holes.  As a matter of strategy, it is wise to avoid these during play and in Monopoly.

As you can see in the pictures, the club house runs so close to the 2nd green that it is actually possible to bank one off of the clubhouse and onto the green.  I took the predictable route and just hit it on the green.  The Wissahickon course is also home to the final resting place of the legendary AW Tillinghast as his ashes were spread into the Wissahickon creek that runs in front of the 18th green.