Running Y Ranch - Klamath Falls, OR

Running Y Ranch opened 1997 as Arnold Palmer's only signature design in OR.  The course is also a member of Arnold's "Sweet 16" and a Golf Digest top 100 public course.  The Ranch was also owned by Roy Disney back in the 1970's.  With a number of options off the tee, I went with a combo situation that put me at around 6,800 yards and I put one down the middle off of the 1st tee.  

The first 5 holes at Running Y Ranch are as good as you will get for a $60 green fee.  Taking a tour around the wetlands, you have a great opener, 2 more great par 4's, a reachable par 5, and one of the most scenic 160 yard shots in Oregon on #5.  The course takes a turn into the woodlands before navigating into Payne Canyon on the back nine.

The highlight of the day was on the 17th hole when I would witness the appearance of the mysterious "golf elf."  Facing a 30 footer from the fringe I hit a great putt that hit the pin and then hit the edge of the cup and stayed out.  What happened next can only be describe as... "a little golf elf reached out of the hole and pulled my ball back into the cup for birdie."  Love that golf elf.